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Learning Games
With Anton and Lisa the ants as guides, Kids will have a blast solving the mystery of numbers and letters!
Our educational games are the perfect companions for young children in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. While quantities and initial sounds are the first order of the day, later lessons challenge learners with tasks in calculation, reading, and writing. With a playful approach to lessons and exercises, your children will be busy at unraveling the mystery of numbers and letters before you know it!

Mind Games
Available from 2018.

Learning Game - Language
39,99 € * Weight 1.085 kg
Learning Game - Mathematics
39,99 € * Weight 0.976 kg
Learning Game - Language
39,99 € * Weight 0.975 kg
Learning Game - Mathematics
39,99 € * Weight 0.947 kg
Learning Game - Mathematics
99,00 € *

While initial lessons explain the basics of quantities and initial sounds, later tasks challenge young learners to tackle calculation, reading and writing. With wide-ranging lessons just waiting to be attempted, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can learn! As with other Hubelino products, our educational and puzzle games allow kids to develop their own tasks and game variations.

Our puzzle games challenge kids to put their knowledge to the test and prove their wits. By a way of a sleek redesign and variable difficulty levels, we´ve breathed new life into a variety of classic games. With Match Four & Rainbow Dominoes, players not only train their strategic and combinational thinking, they also learn their colors in an entertaining way. Tangram, an ancient game from the Far East, has also found ist way into the Hubelino stable: with just a few geometric tiles, kids can create myriad mystical creatures and fantastical forms.

Our products are 100% compatible with standard bricks offered by other manufacturers and have won numerous prizes in the categories of innovation, quality, and pedagogical value. We work in close cooperation with child development experts, pedagogues and parents to ensure that our products stand up to the rigors of everyday use and align with the latest teaching methods. Hubelino is an environmentally conscious company, and we´re proud to offer products that bear the "Made in Germany" label.